Resin Access - Safe, Level, Anti-Slip Access Installations

Do you need to achieve safe level access into a property? Maybe to facilitate a pushchair / wheelchair or simply to aid a friend or relative who struggles with mobility? A resin finished access ramp could be an ideal solution. There are no loose stones, it's beautifully smooth, it won't be slippery when wet, it provides additional anti-slip properties and its sharp finish is aesthetically pleasing to boost the appearance of the property.

Why Choose Aire Valley Resin?

Aire Valley Resin has over 30 years combined experience in the construction and landscaping industry before we became a specialist in resin installations. Our background ensures we have the knowledge and experience to complete your resin drive installation without fuss and to the highest standards.

As a business we only use the highest quality products for our installations to ensure they live up to your expectations for the lifetime of your drive. We have spent considerable time researching the products we use which allows us to confidently provide a 25 year Colour Lock Guarantee and a 10 year Workmanship Guarantee on all our resin installations as standard for your peace of mind.
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How Can We Create Safe, Anti-Slip Level Access For You?

Depending upon the specific circumstances of your property there may be a variety of ways in which we can provide a solution to create safe level access to a property for you.

Ramp Installation

If there is no existing provision towards level access we can undertake the appropriate construction to accommodate change in levels and create a brand new anti-slip resin ramp installation.

Change Steps To Ramps

If your property has steps leading to an access point we can remove these, undertake the necessary ground works to create a level approach before finishing in an anti-slip resin surface.

Re-surface Existing Level Access

If you already have a level access approach to your property but it is need of attention to provide a smoother surface or greater anti-slip properties we can re-surface existing routes to improve access.

Our Resin Drive Installation Process

We understand that undertaking work on your home causes a period of disruption however with careful planning and a full understanding of the projects requirements we always aim to minimise any disruption and transform your drive as smoothly as possible. During our process we will go through the following stages with you.

1. Consultation & Survey

We begin by visiting your property to survey the site, discuss the various options and understand what you would like to achieve.

2. Planning & Quotation

Having understood your requirements we will provide a plan of the work required along with a quotation of the costs.

3. Groundworks

Preparation for your new resin drive will begin with the groundworks to ensure the finished resin drive is of the highest standard.

4. Final Installation

With the groundworks complete the finished aggregate and resin layer can be laid by our expert installers to complete your project.

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10 Year Workmanship Guarantee
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