Resin Finishes For Driveways, Patio & Paths

Our range is made up using the finest kiln dried aggregates which have been thoughtfully combined together to form a selection of fantastic colours which all provide outstanding kerb appeal. Although the aggregates have different properties they have methodically been selected to compliment each other from not only an aesthetic point of view but also a performance and strength perspective.


This Mediterranean blend oozes luxury and brings a sophisticated glamour to any hard landscaped surface.


A lovely selection of light coloured stones with a close knit structure. Compliments dark colours well as a border to create a contemporary look.


An assembly of the finest French aggregates. The varying size of resin gravel adds dimension and texture as well as providing a solid interlocking surface.

Evening Rose

This auburn coloured compilation is a favourite with traditional properties. A mix of red and golden hues it compliments brick properties remarkably well.

Farmhouse Gold

A beautiful blend of Irish and German stone. Its golden brown colour with a hint of gold makes it one of the most popular mixes as it compliments most properties.

Grey Slate

An impressive grey colour that looks fantastic over larger areas. Versatile and sophisticated this colour complements contemporary properties.


Inverno offers a luxurious sparkle to any driveway, patio or path. As a mid tone it is perfect if you can't decide whether to go for a lighter or darker shade of grey.

Ireland Green

A colour palette of greens and beiges gives a varying dimension of stone. An elegant choice which looks fantastic with its speckled effect.


A mix of yellow and sandy coloured aggregates delivers a deliciously golden aesthectic and an exquisite appearance for any onlooker.


This red and silver granite stone mix gives a unique finish and provides an excellent focal point with depth and flare to any property,


Gold and grey tones create a mix of highly complimentary stones giving a jewelled affect which works well with stone and render properties.

Oyster Pearl

Consisting of silver and cream tones this deluxe medley oozes opulence to produce an attractive pearl colour and luxury aesthetic.


Platinum is a stronger and tighter mix whose colours, combined with the compact texture of granite, offer a stunning grey shine.

Porto Fino

This duo colour offers a defined appearance and texture. The UK obtained gravels are angular in shape creating a strong texture.


A solid choice if you are looking for a distinctive and eye catching finish. The amber and warm sand tones together with the silver speckles give a dazzling colour.

Rosso Luna

Naturally deep and burnished red in pigment it is a strong exuberant colour originating from Scotland. For best effect contrast against other strong plain colours.


An angular, light, sandy blend with flecks of silver offering a beautiful overall aggregate which will light the overall look of a property or landscaping.

Spring Haze

This golden, polenta white, red and brown mix is a popular choice. Its traditional appearance and tones gives a flattering finish to stone properties.


A combination of silver flecks and jet-black creates a sparkle that adds a touch of magic to any project. Perfect for contemporary buildings and adding instant kerb appeal.

Sweet Pea

A tight knit fusion of natural golden colours. An attractive natural looking colour which is one of the best sellers due to its charming finish.


A silver mix, creating grey resin driveway surfaces with a modern feel. Mercury (UV) is a harmonious mix of resin bound aggregates. You can twin it with most colours and design patterns.


A gorgeous combination of red and golden aggregates creating a warm tone with great definition and texture.

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